Anjani Tek Tiles is a premium brand of tiles manufactured completely in house at Anjani Tiles Limited and Vennar Ceramics Limited which are both promoted by Anjani Vishnu Holdings Limited.

Mr. Sai Sumant
Executive Director

Kalidindi Sai Sumant is serving as Executive Director at Anjani Tiles Limited. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from The University of California, Irvine. Previously, he worked as R&D Engineer II at Glidewell Dental, USA. As part of the Research and Development team, he was involved in the synthesis, characterization, and manufacturing of dental ceramics. He is also listed as an inventor in one USA patent.

Mr. CVK Raju

CVK Raju is serving as Director at Anjani Tiles Ltd. He holds Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from Jadhavpur University, Kolkata. He has more than 49 years of experience in Ceramic division. He developed, executed comprehensive strategies and plans for fulfilling business objectives efficiently. During his tenure he served major companies like O.C.L, Spartek Ceramics, National Brick & Tile Company (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia), Raasi Ceramics Ltd., Sun Earth Ceramics (Mumbai), Al Khaleej Ceramics (Dubai) and Porcellan Co. LLC (Abu Dhabi).

Mr. Mohan Raju

K.Mohan Raju serving as Director in Anjani Tiles Ltd. He holds Bachelor’s degree in Industrial & Production Engineering from University of Mysore, Karnataka. He is presently working as CEO for Vennar Ceramics Ltd (Anjani Vishnu Group). He has previous experience of nearly 32 years in various industries like Lokesh Machines Ltd., Raasi Ceramics Ltd. and Anjani Portland Cements Ltd.

Mr. Gandhi Raju
President – Marketing

Ch.Gandhi Raju is serving as President – Marketing at Anjani Tiles Ltd. He holds Bachelor’s degree and MBA from Poona University. He has vast marketing experience of nearly 40 years. He served for companies like NCL Industries Ltd., Sri Vishnu Cement Ltd, Anjani Portland Cement Ltd. and Hitech Print Systems Ltd.

Mr. Srinivasa Reddy
Vice President - Technical & Marketing

K.Srinivasa Reddy is serving as Vice President (Marketing & Technical) at Anjani Tiles Ltd. He holds Diploma in Ceramic Engineering. He has previous experience of over 34 years in major ceramic companies like Spartek Granites Ltd., Tata Ceramics Ltd. (Cochin) and Al Khaleej Ceramics (Dubai/UAE).

Mr. Satish Chandra
General Manager – HR & Admin

K.Satish Chandra is serving as GM-HR & Admn. He holds Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and MBA from University of New Castle, Australia. He previously worked for Hyderabad Industries Ltd., (C.K.Birla Group) and Anjani Portland Cement Ltd.

Mr. Nagabhushana Rao
Chief Financial Officer

K.Nagabhushan Rao is serving as CFO at Anjani Tiles Ltd. He holds Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Andhra University, CA Inter Certificate from ICAI and CS Inter Certificate from ICSI. He has total experience of over 16 years in the field of Accounts, Finance & Taxation.